10 advantages of Al Furjan for investors in real estate and expats

Today, your place of birth means almost nothing. Globalization and the trend of relocation force people to travel around the world to find a comfortable place for living and working. More pleasant climate, better business environment, higher level of life and other important issues are the main reasons why foreigners move to Dubai in the UAE. The successful combination of century-old traditions and advanced technologies impresses. Expats move around the city and choose the suitable destination as the variety of neighborhoods is huge. Some of them prefer Al Furjan. Foreigners planning to buy villa in Al Furjan  are destined to live in the property of their dreams. They have everything possible to imagine in just a few steps. What exactly? Let`s find out in this article.

Benefits of Al Furjan for expats

Al Furjan is a family-type community with a tranquil atmosphere and abundance of green areas. However, it does not mean that active young people or wealthy investors are not attracted to the area. The profitability of the area depends directly on your aims. So, here is the list of the most significant beneficial characteristics of Al Furjan.

  1. Wide opportunities for finding a job.
  2. Comfortable economic environment.
  3. Constantly evolving real estate market.
  4. Convenient location and good transportation links.
  5. High quality health care industry.
  6. High level of safety.
  7. High level of life.
  8. Simple process of getting a residence visa.
  9. Well-developed infrastructure.
  10. Abundance of entertainment facilities.

Below we analyze each option in detail.

Wide opportunities for finding a job

Dubai is unique in this respect in that it provides expats with virtually unlimited opportunities for a life free of poverty in the country both as an entrepreneur, as an employee, and as a rich man enjoying life who has invested money in local real estate. You can find a job in Al Furjan or any other neighborhood in Dubai. Staying in the area will be even more comfortable if you have a remote job.

Comfortable economic environment

As a rule, international companies with head offices in Dubai`s neighborhoods offer not only a great salary, but also additional bonuses: health insurance, tickets for home visits, company housing and a car, etc. So, you can live in a quiet atmosphere with your family and drive to work. Excellent financial benefits can also be obtained by businessmen who open a company here. The government is interested in attracting more foreign capital. For this reason, there is a pleasant taxation system and comfortable environment for investments.

Constantly evolving real estate market

Al Furjan provides foreigners with premium quality housing. The starting capital to buy a villa in the neighborhood should be not less than AED 2 million. As the area offers ultra-luxury real estate and exceptional living conditions, it is impossible to find inexpensive villas.

Convenient location and good transportation links

There are several metro stations located near Al Furjan. You take a metro, call a taxi, or go by bus to any destination of Dubai. Irrespective of the means of transport, the travel will not take long.

High quality health care industry

Residents of the area can visit the best hospitals and clinics. There is also a very good cancer center in the residential complex. The Al Furjan Club recreation center offers a comprehensive recreation. When you come there, you can swim in the pool, go to the gym and have a good meal at the restaurant.

High level of safety

Al Furjan has a very low crime rate, a very good police system, and the streets are equipped with security cameras. In addition, strict laws and severe punishments stop people from performing criminal activity.

High level of life

Most foreigners stay in Al Furjan because it has accumulated all the benefits of the bustling neighborhoods of Dubai and combines it with calmness and tranquility. High standard of life is set on the whole territory of the country, making the lives of locals and expats comfortable.

As in any country, there are immigrants who agree to work for a lower salary. But this amount of money is enough for them to rent a home, cover everyday expenses, and help their families.

Simple process of getting a residence permit

The state gives the opportunity to get a residence permit when buying real estate, starting a business, investing in funds, and getting education. There are also separate programs for freelancers.

Well-developed infrastructure

The gated community can be called a small city in the huge metropolis. Living in Al Furjan, you can enjoy the following infrastructural objects:

  • luxury villas and premium townhouses at reasonable price;
  • well appointed landscaped area with breathtaking skyline;
  • rest areas, BBQ areas and equipped playgrounds for children;
  • restaurants and cafes serving different cuisine;
  • fitness center and spa;
  • shopping mall;
  • secure parking and technical service;
  • 24 hour security and video surveillance.

Abundance of entertainment facilities

Future residents of the neighborhood shouldn’t think that their life in Al Furjan is limited to working and staying at home. There’s plenty to do in the area and surrounding neighborhoods in Dubai. You can visit the public beaches, walk in the parks, see the sights, frolic in the entertainment centers, go to the cinema or the theater for premieres, play sports, etc. absolutely free of charge.

The desire to plunge into night life can be fulfilled in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, or Palm Jumeirah. There are so many bars, restaurants and nightclubs that you hardly have time to visit all of them at least once. There is no time to get bored in Al Furjan and Dubai in general.

The bottom line

Real estate in Al Furjan attracts the interest of foreigners not only as a place for permanent stay but as a profitable investment project. Due to the constant flow of tourists and expats, rental housing in the area is in high demand. The owners of villas in Al Furjan can get up to 10% ROI per annum. Or they can resell their housing at a higher price with ease.

Emirates.Estate is an aggregator that you need to monitor if you plan to buy housing in Al Furjan. Detailed descriptions, high quality pictures, and relevant prices are mentioned under each villa. It is easy to select the suitable object if you have a clear image of the local real estate market and understand your goals.

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